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[March 2, 2006]

Sad news.

We're closing.

No I'm kidding.

We're just on a little hiatus, because we've all lives to live. We are NOT closing. ppuffs_icontest is on a little break, atleast until we get some more members. So refer your friends to ppuffs_icontest!
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Challenage #10 - BANNERS [February 6, 2006]
[ mood | distressed ]

[sartastic humor]

Sorry, guys. I've been studing like crazy for exams. I know I got this gig going for me, but according to my mum, passing the eighth grade is more 'important'.

Everyone: *gasp*

Me: Dude, I KNOW.

[/sartastic humor]

Anyways...Collapse )

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Challenge 10 // Winners [February 2, 2006]

And the winners are...Collapse )
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LIMS // The winner is... [January 31, 2006]

The winner of LIMS is...


Thank you to everybody who entered LIMS. Now we can focus on our regular challenges! And if jenigraphics can make the banners, that'd be great. :D
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Challenge 10 // Voting [January 28, 2006]

*heavy sigh* Not enough entries but at least we know that someone will win something! Vot for your favorite icon.

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